Event 5 Prize Pool

Event 5, today’s 12 p.m. $600 deep stack six max, drew 269 players generating a $139,598 prize pool. The top 30 spots finish in the money with a min cash awarding $953. Payouts escalate up from there and top out in the form of a $37,695 first prize.

As of about 5 p.m. local time, the clock reads 150 players remaining toward the end of Level 7. Notables still alive include Zal Irani, Austin Buchanan, John Holley and George Dietz. Day 1 is set to conclude after Level 18.

Full prize structure:

Finish Prize
1st $37,695
2nd $23,309
3rd $15,271
4th $10,583
5th $7,731
6th $5,937
7th-8th $4,156
9th-10th $2,909
11th-12th $2,037
13th-18th $1,425
19th-24th $1,100
25th-30th $953

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