HORSE Chip Counts — Nine Remain

John Holley leads the final nine players remaining from yesterday’s 108-entry starting field in Event 6, $500 HORSE. Holley holds 475,000 chips and leads Kristopher Tong in second by a margin.

Cards go in the air at 2 p.m. with each player assured $1,252 and the event’s winner pocketing $12,907.

Seating assignments and chip counts:

Seat Name Chips
1 Bobby Garibay 188,000
2 Brandon Shack-harris 133,000
3 Orlando Romero 160,000
4 Randall Ristich 69,000
5 Matt Grapenthien 138,000
6 Kristopher Tong 263,000
7 John Ryan 54,000
8 John Holley 475,000
9 Vu Hoang 141,000

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