Flight C of CPC Event 1 Draws 368, Three-Flight Total 964

Event #1C, $360 NLH with $500,000 guarantee (three $2,000 CPC Main Event seats added)

The third of six starting flights in Event 1 of the 2015 Chicago Poker Classic, a $360 NLH tournament, drew 368 entries. Keeping in mind yesterday’s Flight A and B, the three-flight total sits at 964 players with Flights D, E and F still to come.

The top 20 percent of the field (73 players) finish in the money in today’s flight with just 19 punching their ticket to Day 2. Here’s a look at the Day 1 payout structure followed by a flight-by-flight breakdown thus far.

Payout structure:

  • Players finishing within the top 20%-14% of the field earn $520
  • 13.99%-10% earn $565
  • 9.99%-7% earn $620
  • 6.99%-5% earn $690

Flight-by-flight breakdown:

Flight Entries Advanced
A 375 19
B 221 12
C 368 TBD
D (5pm Friday) TBD TBD
E (12pm Saturday) TBD TBD
F (5pm Saturday) TBD TBD
Updated Totals 964 31

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