Shawn Rice and Kevin Iacofano Heads Up in H2O Event

Event #4 $500 H2O (three $2,000 CPC Main Event seats added)

Shawn Rice hopped on and rode his final table chip lead all the way to a heads-up berth against Kevin Iacofano in Event 4, a $500 H2O tournament. Iacofano, who claims over $800,000 in cashes from all over the globe, has no major tournament victories to his name and needs to overcome a slight chip disadvantage if he hopes to take the top spot here at the Horseshoe.

Here’s a look at where the tournament stands:

Heads-up chip counts

  • Shawn Rice – 672,000 (56 BBs)
  • Kevin Iacofano – 468,000 (29 BBs)

Remaining payouts

  • 1st: $10,127 + $2,000 seat
  • 2nd: $6,256 + $2,000 seat

Updated final table results:

  • 3rd: Sean Troha – $4,081 + $2,000 seat
  • 4th: Matthew Edgar – $2,800
  • 5th: William Miner – $2,016
  • 6th: Daniel Wandling – $1,520

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