Brian Kleinhenz Wins CPC Main Event and $274,525, Eddie Ochana Eliminated in 2nd Place ($169,596)

Event #8 $2,000 Main Event with $1,000,000 guarantee (one $10,000 WSOP seat added)

Eddie Ochana

Level 33 — 100,000/200,000 with a 25,000 ante

Brian Kleinhenz opens the button for 400,000. Defending Main Event champion Eddie Ochana (pictured) calls and they see a flop.


Ochana checks. Kleinhenz bets 450,000 sending it back to Ochana. Ochana reaches into his stack and makes it 1,375,000 to go. Kleinhenz calls and it’s off to the turn.


Ochana open shoves and Kleinhenz snap calls tabling 7c-7h for what amounts to second pair. Ochana holds 6d-5h- for a pair and gutshot straight draw. He is behind and at risk as the dealer burns and turns the river.


The card is no help to Ochana and he is eliminated runner up — one spot shy of a title defense — earning $169,596. Last year, he defeated 745 players in this same event to pocket $217,810 and a $10,000 seat in the WSOP Main Event. He turned that seat into a 473rd-place finish $25,756 score.

A full report on Kleinhenz’s victory will be made available shortly.


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