Eddie Ochana Battling Back in Active Heads Up Duel

Event #8 $2,000 Main Event with $1,000,000 guarantee (one $10,000 WSOP seat added)

Brian Kleinhenz and Eddie Ochana have been involved in active heads up duel that’s seen Ochana’s Ac-3c outdraw the A-K of Kleinhenz all in preflop and seen Kleinhenz lead into Ochana for 2,100,000 when Ochana held the second nuts. In both instances, Ochana took the pot and leveled the playing field him and Kleinhenz.

Most recently, though, the tide has been turning back in Kleinhenz’s favor. He just turned a five-high straight on an eight-high board and got paid off by Ochana’s overpair — Ts-Tc — to retake the chip lead.

Players are now on a short break. Here’s a look at where they stand in the counts:

  • Brian Kleinhenz – 11,305,000 (56 BBs)
  • Eddie Ochana – 5,870,000 (29 BBs)

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