Paul Fisher Wins Mega Deep Stack Turbo and $10K WSOP Main Event Seat

Paul Fisher Winner

Event #10
Mega Deep Stack Turbo
Buy-In: $360
Total Entries: 274
Prize Pool: $81,652 + three $10,000 WSOP seats
March 16, 2015

The last of the numbered events on the CPC schedule boasts 274-player field, concludes in less than 12 hours.

Horseshoe Casino adds three $10,000 WSOP Main Event seats to the prize pool. Fisher, two others head home with berths in poker’s championship event.

Hammond, Ind. (March 17, 2015) — It took Paul Fisher less than 12 hours to come out on top of a 274-player field late Monday night at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind. The victory occurred in Event 10 of the property’s Chicago Poker Classic, a $360 mega deep stack turbo tournament, and earned Fisher $20,008 as well as punched his ticket to the World Series of Poker Main Event courtesy of the Horseshoe’s three added $10,000 seats.

“[Twelve hours isn’t] bad for $30,000,” he laughed in regard to the tournament’s fast pace.

Fisher is 53 years old and resides in Northbrook, Ill. about 40 miles north of the Horseshoe. While his Event 10 victory marks his first major tournament win, he’s far from a novice on the felt. By his own account, he’s played in the WSOP Main Event four times recording cashes in 2005 (141st, $46,245) and 2006 (862nd, $14,597). His love of the game and his desire to get back and compete at its highest level are what drove him to the Horseshoe’s felt Monday.

“I really just decided late this morning I was going to [play the event],” he said of Event 10. “I wasn’t even planning on it. I noticed they were giving away the three [$10,000] seats and thought was kind of a nice thing. That’s really the reason I came by. [The seat] is the best. The $20,000 doesn’t hurt either.”

The three seats given away in Event 10 (the other two of which were won by the tournament’s second and third-place finishers, Harold Evans and Steven Cole) represent just half the seats the Horseshoe added to prize pools during the seventh-annual CPC. The others were doled out to the Main Event champion, Brian Kleinhenz, the player who surrendered the most chips via double qualifying in Event 9, Dakota Burnett, and the winner of the $250 non-numbered last-chance turbo, Jenson Quinn. With a 20,000-chip starting stack and 20-minute levels throughout, Event 10 marked one of the quickest ways to secure a spot in poker’s championship event.

“I kind of like [the turbo events],” Fisher said. “I like to play a little faster. There were a lot of chips to start so it wasn’t so bad. Obviously you have to get a little bit lucky in these things. I got all in three-ways – I had queens against ace-king and ace-10. You could easily get knocked out on [hands like that], too.”

Fisher owns and operates a Chicago-based construction company that specializes in detached garages called Danley’s Garage World. When he isn’t working or spending time with his wife, Pam, or two kids, Jessica and Clay, he can be found on the felt.

“It is my main hobby. I love it,” he said of poker. It’s my main thing I do when I have some extra time. I do love it.”

Event 10 was the last of 10 numbered events on the 2015 Chicago Poker Classic Schedule. The $360 mega deep stack turbo tournament boasted a prize pool of $81,652 and paid the top 27 finishers. In addition to their cash scores, the tournament’s top three players went home with a $10,000 seat in the WSOP Main Event courtesy of the Horseshoe.

Final table results:

1st: Paul Fisher – $20,008 + $10,000 WSOP seat
2nd: Harold Evans – $12,362 + $10,000 WSOP seat
3rd: Steven Cole – $8,198 + $10,000 WSOP seat
4th: Natalja Howell – $5,801
5th: Jack Lasota – $4,371
6th: Marc Bernal – $3,488
7th: Nicholas Cikulin – $2,940
8th: Roberto Delreal – $2,611
9th: Michael Sabbia – $2,436

The CPC is recognized as the largest non-branded poker tournament series in the United States. In its seven-year history, the event has been headlined most notably by 2013’s 5,165-entry opener – one of the largest tournaments ever to take place outside the confines of Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker. This year’s series began March 5 and ran through March 16.

2015 Chicago Poker Classic results:

Event 1A/B/C/D/E/F: $360 NLH Re-Entry – Zal Irani defeated 2,296 entries for $100,000
Event 2A/B: $250 NLH – Michael “NarcoCop” Younan defeated 634 entries for $28,813
Event 3: $500 PLO – David Arfa defeated 165 entries for $18,496
Event 4: $500 H2O – Shawn Rice defeated 76 entries for $10,127
Event 5: $360 NLH – David Eliason defeated 122 entries $10,544
Event 6: $400 OE – William Slaght, Jr. defeated 113 entries for $10,505
Event 7: $600 Deep Stack Six Max – Jim Juvancic defeated 268 entries for $37,196
The Main Event (Event 8): $2,000 NLH – Brian Kleinhenz defeated 687 entries for $274,595
Event #9: $250 NLH – Matthew Lushin defeated 1,658 entries for $52,000
Event #10: $360 Turbo – Paul Fisher defeated 274 entries for $20,008


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