Flight 1A End of Day Chip Counts

The first flight of Event 1 of the 2016 Chicago Poker Classic drew 274 entrants and 21 move on to Day 2 on Sunday.

Flight 1A Chip Counts

Marcin Michalski 265,700
Thomas Cliatt 229,100
Jessie Bryant 228,700
Jorge Londono 191,800
Andre Butler 177,500
Jose Cervantes 176,800
Robert Lay 172,600
Ryan Sully 138,000
Orlando Romero 135,700
Bryan Skreens 128,500
Robert Bergamo 116,100
Reginald Walker 114,200
Sami Shurbaji 113,500
Michael Chesney 106,400
Nick Jivkov 99,500
Jordan McCurdy 84,100
James Gardner 69,300
Ronald Kovich 68,600
Yoonki Hong 44,600
Dimitrios Zoyganeles 41,800
Richard O’Connor 37,700



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