Event 1 Draws 2,160 Entrants, 168 Return for Day 2

Kevin Saul is a Chicago pro with a top stack.

Kevin Saul is a Chicago pro with a top stack.

Six grueling Day 1 flights for Event 1: $360 No Limit Hold’em generated 2,160 entrants for the opening event for the 2016 Chicago Poker Classic. Each flight saw the top 11% of players make the money and then when the field hit 8% the survivors, 168 total, ended play and advanced to Sunday’s Day 2.

Saturday’s flights combined for nearly 1,000 players, 580 and 406 respectively, pushing the total prize pool to $643,680. The Day 2 prize pool comes in at $590,080 with 3% of the field already paid from each flight with an $800 min-cash.

Kevin Saul, Joe Hebda, Jeff Fielder, Julie Ann Cornelius, Shawn Rice and Nick Jivkov finished outside the top ten but are in contention for a deep Day 2 run.

Cards will be in the air promptly at noon and expectations are to play down to a winner.

Event 1 Overall Top Ten Chip Counts

Harsh Mehta – 336,000
Abraham Montenegro – 324,100
Alexander Hayes – 323,500
Michael Vanderwoude – 304,900
Andrew Rosskamm – 297,200
Oleg Badmayev – 291,800
Ben McCoy – 276,000
Jason Matthews – 269,400
Marcin Michalski – 265,700
Jill Bryant – 261,200


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