Benjamin Safin Calls Out of Work, Wins Event 2 for $20,980

Ben Safin took down Event 2: $250 Deepstack.

Ben Safin took down Event 2: $250 Deepstack.

Benjamin Safin signed up to play the Event 2: $360 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack thinking it was one day event. He made Day 2, had to call out of work on Monday and shipped the event for his first tournament win for $20,980.

“It feels good – I don’t play often, just mostly with my family,” Safin said moments after winning. “I came in with low expectations and every time I moved up I just kept raising them.”

Safin’s parents watched the final table from the seats in the third level, not wanting him to know they were there. “It’s a very special, good feeling to have my family here with me. My parents surprised me – I had no idea they were here.”

“I just play for fun and had a Saturday/Sunday off for the first time in months and I thought it was a one day event,” he added. “I had call in today but I don’t know what I’m going to do with CPC Main Event seat, I probably have to work.”

Heads up play began with William Vincent holding the chip lead against Safin – about 2.6 million to 1.7 million. But over the course a single level Safin turned the tables by chipping away at Vincent – not hitting very many big hands or double up, but constantly taking medium-sized pots with aggression.

Safin stacked 3.5 million under an hour and Vincent slipped down to 1.1 million before he made his final stand. They were at the turn on a board of Jh Td 3d 6d, Vincent bet, Safin raised and Vincent went all in. Safin called, tabled Ad 9s and was up against Jd 9h. But a fourth diamond hit on the river and Safin made an ace-high flush to seal the win.

“I’m pulling a Pacman Jones and dropping $20,000 at the strip club tonight,” Safin shouted to his friends after the final card.

Event 2 Final Table Payouts

  1. Benjamin Safin – $20,980
  2. William Vincent – $13,085
  3. Michael Kambol – $9,087
  4. Adam Dembowski – $6,748
  5. Chris Staats – $5,143
  6. James Stern – $4,040
  7. Chris Holt – $3,173
  8. Angel Vizcarra – $2,471
  9. Jimmy James – $1,915

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