Mehta Takes Huge Pot from Guss, Shurbaji Follows Suit

All three players saw a limped flop of Jc Td 9d, Guss checked, Mehta bet 500,000, Shurbaji mucked and Guss called. The turn came Th, Guss checked, Mehta bet 1 million and Guss check-raised to 3 million. Guss called, the river came 2h and both players checked.

Guss announced “he missed it,” and Mehta tabled Qh 9h to take the huge pot.

The next hand Gus opened on the button, Sami Shurbaji moved all in from the big blind and Guss called with pocket sevens. Shurbaji tabled kings and the board ran Qd Jd 7d 6d Ks and Shurbaji doubled up.


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