Blake Battaglia Survives Marathon, Wins Event 4 for $10,036

Blake Battaglia is set up for the rest of the CPC.

Blake Battaglia is set up for the rest of the CPC.

Event 4: $250 No Limit Hold’em of the 2016 Chicago Poker Classic kicked off at noon on Monday and pulled 184 entrants. Tuesday ten players returned and Blake Battaglia survived a marathon short-handed session to take down the event and $10,036.

“Heads-up and three-handed – Mike (Pariso) hit three three-outers and two two-outers on me all day,” Battaglia said. “Luckily, I just kept building it back. I picked up kings three-handed and that helped be battle back.”

“It seemed every time I had Mike crushed, he’d chop or suck out,” he added. “We didn’t play it like we had to get in every hand.”

Battaglia won his seat to the CPC Main Event and said, “I’ll probably play the nightly tonight and the Six-Max tomorrow,” Battaglia said laughing. “The first weekend and couple of events went terribly for me. I ran bad and played bad. It’s nice to win now – it’ll pay for the rest of the week.”

The pace of eliminations was fast at first, but when the field came down to Battaglia, Pariso and Grad Zbigniew things slowed to a crawl. Then a big preflop showdown saw Zbigniew  holding Ac Kc and Battaglia held pocket kings. The board ran eight-high, Battaglia took the lead and Zbigniew was crippled.

Zbigniew moved all in the next hand, both players called and the board ran 8c 2s 2c 7s 4d. Battaglia had the best hand with Qd Jd and Zbigniew was eliminated.

Battaglia and Pariso battled for nearly two hours with Pariso doubling up three times on a three-outer. Battaglia would lean on Pariso and grind him back down to ten big blinds, then Paris would double up.

Pariso did hold the chip lead once after doubling holding Ad 4h and Battaglia called on a draw-heavy board. Two hands later Battaglia took the lead right back holding Ad Kd against Pariso’s Jd Ts.

The final hand saw Battaglia open-shove with Ah 2s and Pariso call holding Qs 5s. The board ran Jd 7s 6h 9d Ac, Pariso never improved and Battaglia sealed the tournament with a victory.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Blake Battaglia – $10,036
  2. Michael Pariso – $6,170
  3. Grad “Ziggy” Zbigniew – $4,274
  4. David Kassin – $3,085
  5. Phil Grana – $2,304
  6. Kevin Kendrick – $1,754
  7. Tony Segobiano – 1,379
  8. Michael Tullia – $1,111
  9. Almantas Kavaliauskas – $911

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