Bob Van Sycle Outlasts Alex Ziskin for Deepstack Title

Bob Van Sycle held on to win the Deepstack event for $17,997.

Bob Van Sycle held on to win the Deepstack event for $17,997.

Event 6: $360 Deepstack No Limit Hold’em returned 17 players for Day 2 and within two levels of play they were already at a final table. Bob Van Sycle entered the final table middle of the pack in chips, survived swingy three-handed action and then outlasted Alex Ziskin in a three-hour heads-up match for the title and $17,997.

“I was nibbling away with no big situations and gradually built up my stack heading into the final table,” Van Sycle said. “I played pretty straightforward and our stacks were pretty deep. I had the advantage but I didn’t want to donk off any chips on bad double up.”

“I played conservatively, stole a few pots here and there, but then I had him trapped holding ace king to his ace ten and he (Ziskin) hit his ten on the river,” Van Sycle added. “Finally I got him in the end when he flopped top pair and I flopped the straight.”

“I’m going to take it easy before the Main Event – in fact, I’ve got to run back to Minnesota to take care of a couple things for a day or two,” he said.

Before Josh Lowing bowed out in third place the stacks were pretty even, but Lowing got all in holding Ax Kx after flopping a king and Van Sycle flopped a set of fives. The hand gave him a large chip advantage over Ziskin – 3 million to about 680,000 respectively.

Ziskin managed to double three times when he would get down to around 500,000, but Van Sycle chipped away at him each time over a level to bring the stacks back to about 6 – 1.

The final hand saw them go to a raised flop of Ad Qs Ts, Van Sycle checked, Zinkin bet 105,000 and Van Sycle check-raised to 250,000. Ziskin called, the turn came 8h, Van Sycle moved all in and Ziskin thought for a good while before tossing in a calling chip.

Van Sycle rolled over Kd Jh for Broadway and Ziskin was drawing dead holding Ac 9s. The river blanked with a 2h and Van Sycle took down his first CPC title.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Bob Van Sycle – $17,997
  2. Alexander Ziskin – $11,052
  3. Josh Lowing – $7,497
  4. Trevor Redlarczyk – $5,468
  5. Leonardo Loconte – $4,239
  6. Stephen Jones – $3,249
  7. Jose Cervantes – $2,603
  8. Josh Aramburu – $2,036
  9. Robert Witke – $1,600

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