Jim Juvancic Wins Second CPC Title for $9,830

Jim Juvancic captured his second CPC title in the H2O event.

Jim Juvancic captured his second CPC title in the H2O event.

Day 2 of Event 5: $400 H.2.0 (Limit Hold’em, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, Omaha HiLo) returned 26 players with only 12 positions that paid. Jim Juvancic survived after being down to one big blind three-handed and came back to win the event for $9,830.

“It was a battle three-handed – we all exchanged the chip lead and short stack multiple times,” Juvancic said. “I was down to one big bet, it was a battle – I’ve been at a final table before – but  never through a battle like that.”

“If you won a couple hands in a row, you were right back in it,” he added. “I just kept waiting for that double up and then anything can happen after that.”

“I felt I had the biggest advantage in Omaha HiLo – it’s probably my best and favorite game,” Juvancic added. “When we got to heads-up I was just trying to make it through the Hold’em round because I had an advantage in the other two games.”

Three-handed play between Juvancic, Roderick Yates and Chris Lillie last almost five hours alone. Each player held the chip lead at twice and dipped down below five big bets during that time.

The final hands came during a round Deuce to Seven Triple Draw. Yates drew one card and bet, Juvancic drew three and called. The second round Yates drew one, Juvancic drew two, Yates bet and Juvancic made it two bets. Yats called, drew one, Juvancic stood pat and bet after Yates checked.

Yates mucked his hand, leaving himself very short. He was all in after the first draw, drew one card each round and Juvancic drew two the first round and then one and one.

Juvancic tabled 9x 7x 5x 4x 3x, Yates rolled over Ax 8x 6x 3x 2x and Juvancic took clinched the tournament with a 9-7.

Juvancic won the Six-Max during the 2015 CPC series for $37,196. He outlasted Javier Zarco, Todd Breyfogle and Nick Jivkov.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Jim Juvancic – $9,830
  2. Roderick Yates – $6,076
  3. Chris Lillie – $3,967
  4. John Pappas – $2,718
  5. Ronnie Fisher – $1,957
  6. Josh Chase – $1,462

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