Rob Richmond Wins Omaha/Stud HiLo Mix Marathon

Rob Richmond played for 12 hours Wednesday to win the Omaha/Stud HiLo mix.

Rob Richmond played for 12 hours Wednesday to win the Omaha/Stud HiLo mix.

Players in the $400 Omaha/Seven Card Stud HiLo event knew they had along day ahead of them when they returned with 33 players on Day 2. Rob Richmond was one of the shortest stacks to return, was nearly felted and came back to win $10,226 and the title.

Richmond, a Chicago native, plays CPC events every year but picked up his first title. “It was a crazy day, I had like 15K coming back,” he said. “I also registered for the noon six-max and tried to multi-table, but that was a terrible idea.”

“After I busted down there I was able to come back on stage and focus,” Richmond added. “After I won that five-way pot I just started building chips. John Holley (third place) is a great player and I knew if I could stay out of pots with him I might be able to catch him in a big one.”

“It took a lot of patience,” he added. “Limit poker is about patience – I mean were heads-up for two hours, sometimes it’s hard to bust people in Limit. I’ve final tabled a few CPC events before, but this is the first win.”

Richmond and Ackmann were two of the most unlikely candidates to go heads-up for the title. With two tables left Richmond was down one big bet, was all in during Omaha HiLo, had four callers and somehow managed to scoop the pot to stay alive.

Ackmann also was close to the rail with two tables – he was down to two big bets before grinding his way back up. John Pappas finished in seventh place just one day after finishing fourth in the H.2.O event.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Rob Richmond – $10,226
  2. Tom Ackmann- $6,284
  3. John Holley – $4,090
  4. Mark Otrosa – $2,990
  5. William Steinberg – $2,317
  6. Joseph Saltanovitz – $1,829
  7. John Pappas – $1,472
  8. John Ma – $1,208

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