Mike Kamenjarin Wins Six-Max for $36,181

MIke Kamenjarin won his first CPC title in his home casino.

MIke Kamenjarin won his first CPC title in his home casino.

Event 8: $600 Six-Max Deepstak had the monumental task of 41 returning players for 24 spots that paid and play down to a winner. After 12 hours to get heads, Mike Kamenjarin and John Tobias had 170 big blinds between them and Kamenjarin came out on top to win $36,181.

“You always hope to have a long day but I didn’t think I’d play 13 hours,” Kamenjarin said. “I’ve got a great group of guys in my crew to talk hands with – I don’t play as much as I used to. Everything is just situation dependent.”

“I knew if I grinded John (Tobias) down, I’d get there,” Kamenjarin added. “I sucked out five-handed, but other than that it was my day. I went to dinner with John and we talked about playing heads-up – he’s one of the classiest guys around here.”

“Three years ago I had a couple of deep runs here – a third and 11th – but I had pnemonia. It’s such a pleasure to win a title here,” he added.

Heads-up play between Kamenjarin and Tobias began with stacks at 3.1 million to 2 million respectively. Over the course of two levels Kamenjarin chipped away at Tobias’ stack and he could never gain any significant traction to mount a comeback.

Tobias made several shoves in the last dozen hands or so but Kamenjarin couldn’t find a call. The final hand saw them go to a flop of Qs 8h 4c, Kamenjarin checked, Tobias bet 100,000 and Kamenjarin snap-raised to 240,000. Tobias moved all in, Kamenjarin called holding Qd 7h for top pair and Tobias held 8d 7s for middle pair.

The board completed 5h 4d, Tobias didn’t improve and Kamenjarin won his first CPC title after years of playing events in his home casino.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Mike Kamenjarin – $36,181
  2. John Tobias – $22,396
  3. James Hall – $14,869
  4. Albert Lucenti – $10,435
  5. Stephen Nusrallah – $7,500
  6. Richie Barristoni – $5,461

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