Michael VanderWoude Leads CPC Main Event Final Table

Michael VanderWoude leads the CPC Main Event final table.

Michael VanderWoude leads the CPC Main Event final table.

Day 2 of the $2,000 CPC Main Event returned 115 players to fight for the 72 spots that paid and ultimately the final table. After 12 long hours on the felt Michael VanderWoude carries a large chip lead to the final table.

Behind VanderWoude sits William Luciano, Jorge Postigo and Fadi Hamad – all with right around 2 million. Jeff Huang, Thomas Peebles, Mike Rieck, Ben McCoy and Bryan Skreens.

Aaron Steury and Ralph Massey were the last two players eliminated, joining Josh Lowing, Rob Koss and Yossi Azulay with deep runs. Also cashing in the event were Ben Ponzio, Andrew Rubinberg, Zal Irani and Jordan Smith.

Ryan Van Sanford, Ty Reiman, Matt Shepsky, Jose Serratos and George Dietz are a few of the players that returned for Day 2 but didn’t make the money.

The ten-handed final table returns Monday at 1 pm.

  1. Thomas Peebles – 1,184,000
  2. Michael VanderWoude – 4,284,000
  3. William Luciano – 2,061,000
  4. Mike Rieck – 1,352,000
  5. Jeff Huang – 1,847,000
  6. Ben McCoy – 981,000
  7. Jorge Postigo – 2,001,000
  8. Chad Freid – 1,949,000
  9. Fadi Hamad – 1,972,000
  10. Bryan Skreens – 864,000

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