Kevin Nystrom Ships Last Chance Turbo

Kevin Nystrom's last minute decision paid off with a WSOP Main Event seat.

Kevin Nystrom’s last minute decision paid off with a WSOP Main Event seat.

The final event of the 2016 Chicago Poker Classic closed at the Series with a 4 pm $250 Last Chance Turbo. The event drew 175 entrants with the added draw of a $10,000 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event seat added for the winner. Kevin Nystrom decided to play the event only a couple hours before it began, made a big comeback six-handed and won $9,544.

When the final card peeled off Nystrom held his hands in the air and said, “Yes! I knew I was going to win after that comeback.”

“Once I got short with two tables left and I came storming back I knew I had a chance to win,” Nystrom said. “I called my card on the river, got pocket aces twice six-handed – it was nuts.”

“I cashed in Event 1, ran really good in Event 11A, but then bricked off right before the money,” Nystrom said. “I said at the last second I’d give this a shot and it paid off.”

Nystrom has never played the WSOP Main Event before and is expecting to very nervous. He’s a 31 year-old Indiana native that works at a car dealership.

The final hand saw all the money go in preflop, Nystrom held Ah Js and Marcin Koscielniak had As 8h. The board ran Qc 9d 5h 6s Kh, Nystrom’s hand held and he closed out the 2016 CPC with his hands in the air.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Kevin Nystrom – $9,544
  2. Marcin Koscielniak – $5,868
  3. Thomas Ruzecki – $4.065
  4. Daniel Loizzo – $2,934
  5. Brian Shurte – $2,192
  6. Nick Jivkov – $1,669
  7. Brad Sailor – $1,311
  8. Thomas Tolbert – $1,057
  9. Tetania Fox – $866

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