William Luciano Wins 2016 CPC Main Event for $254,892

CPC Main Event champion William Luciano with Michael Soto, Kevin Voshell and Eric Comer.

CPC Main Event champion William Luciano with Michael Soto, Kevin Voshell and Eric Comer.

The third and final day of the $2,000 Chicago Poker Classic Main Event began with ten players of the 736 that entered the event. Each player had near $20,000 locked up already but it was William Luciano the outlasted the final table to earn $254,892.

“It’s sort of hard to believe that just happened,” Luciano said. “I just got a bigger bankroll for more events. I was inspired by Martin Jacobson in the Main Event a couple years ago where he sat back with a shorter stack and then ran it up for the win.”

“I was down to six blinds on Day 1 and I shouldn’t even be here,” he said. “I had pocket tens on a king-high flop and he checked it all the way down. If he doesn’t do that, I wouldn’t even be here.”

“I picked my spots, won a bunch of flips and targeted some players that would fold. Once I ran my stack up to a re-shove stack I started stealing in some spots,” Luciano said. “I feel like I hit my stride today – I never got above average stack on Day 2.”

Luciano qualified for the Main Event in a $240 Satellite three weeks ago in the Horseshoe Hammond poker room. He played Flight 1B and only had the one bullet to fire.

In addition to their six-figure payouts, the top three players earned a seat into the 2016 $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event. “I’m looking forward to playing it (WSOP Main Event) but I’m thinking about how I have to work on Tuesday.”

The event drew 736 entrants over two starting flights which juiced the prize pool to $1,307,136. The top 72 players earned a cash and over the entire CPC players earned $3,199,604, including four seats to the 2016 $10,000 WSOP Main Event and a 2016 Mustang GT.

Ben McCoy was the first elimination of the day. He arrived short on chips, shoved when he made top pair holding Tc 4c but ran into Joe Huang’s pocket kings, which ended his day.

Thomas Peebles also arrived at the final table with under a million chips. He tried a three-bet shoved from the big blind to steal, but Jorge Postigo called with ace queen and Peebles held Jd Td. Postigo flopped a queen, Peebles bricked and was eliminated.

Bryan Skreens tried to steal a pot like Peebles in position, but Postigo called a second time holding ace queen and flopped a queen.

Fada Hamad was the tournament leader for much of Day 2 but couldn’t get anything going at the final table. His final hand came holding ace six, Michael VanderWoude called with ace ten and after an ace hit the flop Hamad’s day was done in seventh place.

Postigo got short, got in a blind vs blind situation with pocket tens and moved all in. Freid called with ace queen and eliminated Postigo with his own hand.

Huang looked to be in control of the table in the early goings but ran out of steam. He shoved the rest of stack in holding Qh Jh, Luciano called with an ace, paired on the flop and eliminated Huang.

Tournament onlookers expected a long bubble from fourth to third place with a WSOP Main Event seat on the line. VanderWoude open-shipped his stack from the button for 1.29 million, Luciano took several moments to think and then called. Mike Rieck went deep into the tank in the big blind before electing just to call.

Luciano and Rieck went to the flop of Qc Td 2s and Luciano immediately moved all in. Rieck tanked again, talked himself into a call and tabled pocket jacks.

Luciano turned up pocket kings and VanderWoude held Ah Jh. The board completed Qs 7d, Luciano’s kings held and there was a double elimination. VanderWoude was out if fourth place and Rieck was credited for third place and the seat.

Freid began heads up play with a slight advantage, 10.3 million to 8.1 million, and the pair traded the lead back and forth over two full levels.

On the fourth hand back from break Luciano opened to 450,000 and Chad Freid moved all in. Luciano called with pocket sevens and Freid was gambling with Jd 8h.The board ran Ah Td 3c Qs Qh, Freid never improved and finished runner-up in the Main Event.

Final Table Payouts

William Luciano – $254,892
Chad Freid – $158,556
Mike Reick – $109,669
Michael VanderWoude – $79,775
Joe Huang – $60,886
Jorge Postigo – $48,390
Fadi Hamad – $38,364
Bryan Skreens – $30,326
Thomas Peebles – $23,790
Ben McCoy – $18,561


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