Closing in on 200 Entries for Flight A, Michael Kamenjarin Eliminated

After four levels of play, Flight A in Event #1 had a total of 195 entries. Registration is open for two more levels, until the start of Level 7. For those eliminated after the registration period, Flight B begins at 5 p.m. with registration available for six levels, or until approximately 8:15 p.m. local time.

Shortly before the Flight A field headed on their first break of the day, Michael Kamenjarin, a familiar face at the CPC, was heads up with James Moran.

The board read 8h 7c 5c and Moran bet 1,025 from middle position. Kamenjarin raised to 2,325 in late position. Moran called and the turn was the Ac.

Moran checked, Kamenjarin went all in for 4,350, and after some deliberation, Moran called to put Kamenjarin at risk.

Kamenjarin: 7s 7h
Moran: 9h 9c

Kamenjarin’s set of sevens was ahead, but the 6h river gave Moran a straight to eliminate Kamenjarin. Moran is now sitting with 35,000 chips and Kamenjarin, who won the $600 Mega Deepstack Six-Max in last year’s CPC, was eliminated after a touch of early bad luck this series.


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