Ed Brooks Gets Flight A in the Money


According to Ed Brooks (pictured), one player was all in from early position and he and Rasa Strikovic were heads up on the side.

The flop was 9h 7c 2h. Brooks checked in the small blind and Strikovic bet in middle position. Brooks called.

On the 6c turn, Brooks checked again, Strikovic bet 17,000, and Brooks called. Both players checked the Ad river, and the three players showed down.

The all-in player tabled Ac Kd for a pair of aces, Strikovic had 9c 8c for a pair of nines and a missed straight and flush draw, and Brooks showed 9d 2d for a flopped two pair, good for the pot and the elimination to get Flight A down to the money.

Brooks is now sitting with 255,000, nearly the exact same amount as his fellow chip leader David Plotkin. Strikovic is down near starting stack after that hand.

The remaining 24 players are taking a 15-minute break. They will return in Level 15. The next seven players eliminated will receive $800 and the final 17 will bag their chips for Day 2.


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