Alex Truesdale Doubles Up with Kings Full in Flight D

A player in early position raised to 900 and Alex Truesdale made it 2,400 in middle position. The remaining players folded and the initial raiser called.

The flop was Ks 7d 6s. The first player checked, Truesdale bet 3,000, and his opponent called. On the 3h turn, the first player checked again, Truesdale bet another 3,000, and the first player called again.

The river was the 7h. The first player checked again and Truesdale went all in for 9,500. His opponent tossed out a single chip to call and Truesdale tabled KcKd for kings full. His opponent said, “Had to have the case king, didn’t we?” and showed KhTh. Truesdale is up to 36,000 and his opponent was left with only 3,000 chips.


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