Flight C Bags, Jose Barajas Cracks Aces to Double Up in Flight D

Flight C is down to their final 23 players who are bagging for the night. A complete list of min-cashers and end-of-day chip counts will be posted shortly.

Meanwhile in Flight D, Jose Barajas goes all in for 23,300 in middle position and the player in the cutoff calls. Barajas has just a little more than his opponent. Barajas has Kc Jc and is up against Ac Ad.

The flop comes 9s 7d 4c, and someone at the table calls for the eight of clubs. Sure enough, the 8c lands on the turn, giving Barajas the backdoor flush draw and a gut-shot straight draw. The river brings the 9c, completing the flush for Barajas. His opponent is out and Barajas chips up to 50,000.


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