George Pappas Flops a Set to Steal Chip Lead

According to George Pappas, a player in middle position limped, he limped in late position, and the small blind completed. The big blind checked and they were four ways to the flop.

On the 6d 5c 4d flop, the small blind bet 8,000, the big blind folded, and the next player called. Pappas went all in and had both opponents covered. The small blind called for his remaining stack of under 20,000 and the next player committed his remaining 65,000.

Pappas had 6h 6c for top set, the small blind had 4-3 for bottom pair and open-ended, and the other all-in player had pocket sevens, an over-pair and open-ended.

The 2d turn gave the small blind a straight, but Pappas filled up on the 4c river to win the pot, eliminate two players, and take the chip lead. He now sits with 178,000 chips.


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