Voytek Glab Four-Flushes to Eliminate Bubble Boy in Flight C



In the second hand of hand-for-hand play on the bubble, Voytek Glab (pictured) raises to 14,000 in late position. The button goes all in for 44,500, the blinds fold, and Glab thinks for over two minutes. He calls to put his opponent at risk.

Glab: 4d 4h
Opponent: Ah Jh

The board comes 9d 8d 6c Jd. The turn gives the all-in player the best pair and Glab stands up, cursing under his breath. The 7d falls on the river and his tablemates tell Glab that he made a flush and won. He happily returns to collect the chips.

The remaining players are in the money and Glab chips up to 167,000. The next nine players to bust will earn $800 and the final 23 will bag their remaining stacks.


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