Voytek Glab Sends One to the Rail as Flight C Nears Money Bubble

The cutoff opens to 5,000 and the button goes all in for 39,000. Voytek Glab in the small blind keeps asking, “Thirty-nine?” to confirm the amount as he ponders the decision. He eventually commits the chips to put his opponent at risk. The player in the big blind stares at his cards and thinks for awhile before folding ace-king.

Glab: As Qc
All-in player: Ks Qd

The board runs out 8h 7c 6c Jh 6d and Glab takes down the pot with ace-queen high. The big blind laments his fold and says he thought at least one of them had a pair. That pot brings Voytek just over 100,000 chips.

After that hand, 45 players remain and they are 13 spots from the money.


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