Mike Holm and David Gutfreund Among 41 Advancing from Flight E

Flight E was by far the largest flight of Event #1 with 520 entries. A total of 41 players advanced from this flight, and 16 players min-cashed for $800 before getting down to the final 41.

Francis Obadun finished with the chip lead, which he took in the very last hand of the night. He is taking a stack of 326,000, second overall through five flights. Zackary Tejchma ended with 314,500 which puts him third in chips overall.

Mike Holm, who had the chip lead at the dinner break but lost it shortly thereafter, made a nice comeback toward the end of the night to finish third in chips for the flight with 262,500. Another familiar local grinder, David Gutfreund, finished sixth in chips in the flight with 244,500.

The top ten chip stacks from Flight E follow.

Rank Name Chips Table Seat
1 Francis Obadun 326,000 37 4
2 Zackary Tejchima 314,500 23 1
3 Mike Holm 262,500 17 9
4 Kyle Kramer 247,000 27 9
5 Hamed Zia 245,000 26 2
6 David Gutfreund 244,500 25 2
7 Adam Siemplinski 227,000 25 3
8 Ryan McPherson 212,000 24 8
9 Sam Abueid 208,500 17 7
10 Michael Nosek 183,000 16 1

The 16 min-cashers for this flight were: James Stern, Michael Tullia, Micholas Smurzynski, Michael Berens, Kevin Kansler, Terrence Murphy, Robert Bethel, Oleg Badmayev, Brian Brenneke, Kevin Vail, Daniel Meddaugh, Abraham Beddaoui, Matthew Angeles, Bledar Shaholli, Istvan Rozsa, and Keven Nystrom.

Complete Flight E Day 2 Qualifiers with Chip Counts and Seat Assignments


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