Francis Obadun Eliminates Takes Chip Lead in Last Hand of Flight E


Flight E is in the books and the 41 survivors are done until tomorrow. In the very last hand of the night, a player in middle position went all in for 83,000 and Francis Obadun (pictured) called in late position to put his opponent at risk. The remaining players folded and it was heads up.

Obadun: Ad Kh
Opponent: As Qs

The board ran out Jd 8s 7d 9c 7s. Obadun’s ace-king high was good and that hand ended play for the night.

With that pot, Obadun took the chip lead of the flight with 326,000 chips, which puts him second in chips overall in the combined first five flights. Zackary Tejchma finished not far behind Obadun with 314,500, making him third in chips of all the players advancing to Day 2 thus far with just one more flight to go.



2 thoughts on “Francis Obadun Eliminates Takes Chip Lead in Last Hand of Flight E

  1. Kevin Huntington

    Just want to say thanks Valerie for the hard work of updating these flights/events all by yourself…at least when I was playing Flight A of Event #1 you were walking around by yourself so not sure if you have help on the way….I busted in 21st out of the 221 players on Thursday was wearing a Cubs hat with a black hoody, doubt you remember me lol anyways keep up the good work I’ll be winning Event 2 tomorrow =)

    1. Valerie Cross Post author

      Thanks a lot Kevin! Yes, I’m the lone blogger this series 🙂 I have seen many Cubs hats and black hoodies these past 3 days, ha! so you will have to introduce yourself to me… I look forward to writing your winner story for Event 2 tomorrow! 😀


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