Last Day to Join Event #1: $360 NLH with Six CPC Main Event Seats Added!

With over 900 entries and a prizepool of $268,796 in Event #1 already, two flights remain.

Flight E begins at noon today, and Flight F is scheduled for a 5 p.m. start. Once again, players may re-enter as many times as they want through the first six levels of play. If anyone qualifies for Day 2 multiple times, the best stack will advance and the forfeited stacks will receive a minimum payout of $800.

Players start with 10,000 and levels will last 30 minutes on Day 1 (and 40 minutes on Day 2). A 60-minute dinner break is scheduled after Level 11 for Flight E. Flight F will have no dinner break.

Each flight will play down to 8% of the field, and the players eliminated between 11% and 8% will get $800. Those who advance to Day 2 will join the 70 remaining players from Flights A, B, C, and D on Sunday at noon to play down to a winner.


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