Scott Bohlman Still Leads Event #1 Through Four Starting Flights

The combined total entries for the first four flights of Event #1: $360 NLH is 902, which brings the prizepool to $268,796 before the final two flights get underway. With the unlimited re-entry through six levels of play and six CPC Main Event seats added to the prizepool, Flights E and F are expected to draw big numbers.

From Flights A through D, 70 players remain and all are in the money. They will join the survivors from Flights E and F for a 12 p.m. restart on Sunday.

Top ten chip stacks from Flights A-D:
1 – Scott Bohlman (377,500)
2 – Daniel Sepiol (303,000)
3 – Musa Taher (298,500)
4 – John Richards (261,000)
5 – Voytek Glab (260,000)
6 – Richard Bai (250,500)
7 – Brad Jansen (237,500)
8 – George Dietz (229,500)
9 – Jason Summers (222,500)
10 – Abe Kanan (219,000)

For complete End-of-Day reports, click on the following links:
Flight C EOD Chip Counts & Seat Assignment
Flight D EOD Chip Counts & Seat Assignments
Flights A-D Combined Chip Counts & Seat Assignments


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