Event #1 Final Table Time

With four quick eliminations after dinner break, Event #1 has reached the unofficial final table of 10.

Ed Brooks was the first casualty post-dinner, eliminated in 14th place for $4,770. Last year’s champ Jeff Guss, after making an amazing comeback from one ante before dinner break, was eliminated in 13th place ($4,770). Timothy Teska was out next in 12th ($6,140), followed by Eric Szempinski ($6,140).

The final 10 seat assignment and chip counts follow.

Seat 1: Greg Koutelidakis (4,000,000)
Seat 2: Mike Puccio (1,950,000)
Seat 3: Jake Hommen (1,725,000)
Seat 4: Brandon Cutsinger (1,000,000)
Seat 5: Andriy Pavlyuk (985,000)
Seat 6: Ken Komberec (2,090,000)
Seat 7: Daniel Sepiol (2,100,000)
Seat 8: Jose Torres (1,897,500)
Seat 9: Timothy McCarthy (460,000)
Seat 10: David Plotkin (1,560,000)


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