Jake Hommen on a Heater

In the first hand, Jake Hommen is under the gun with 6d 4d against Greg Koutelidakis with pocket jacks in the big blind. The board reads 4c 4s 2s Kh 9h and the money goes in on the river. Hommen doubles up to 3,450,000 and Koutelidakis is left with 2,500,000.

The next hand, David Plotkin raised to 125,000, Mike Puccio three-bet to 250,000, and Hommen called in the big blind. Plotkin called and they went three ways to the As Jh 9s flop. Puccio led out 200,000. Hommen called and Plotkin folded.

Both players checked the 9c turn, and on the Jd river, Puccio checked and Hommen bet 1,750,000. Puccio folded and Hommen showed 9d 9h for quad nines.

Hommen is up to 4,200,000 after that hand and Puccio is down to 3,770,000.


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