Jose Torres Doubles Through Greg Koutelidakis Last Hand Before Dinner

Just before dinner break, action folded to Jose Torres in the small blind and he moved all in for 591,000. Chip leader Greg Koutelidakis, who was over 4 million chips at the start of this hand, called in the big blind to put Torres at risk.

Torres: Kd,8c
Koutelidakis: Ac,8d

Koutelidakis had Torres dominated, as they say, and the flop came Td 7d 3d. “Uh oh, diamond?” Someone at the table said, and the 5d fell on the turn, giving Torres the flush. The 4c river was insignificant and Torres doubles through. He heads to dinner with 1,200,000, while Koutelidakis is still first in chips with 3,650,000.


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