Mike Puccio Eliminates Brandon Cutsinger (9th: $7,900) and Timothy McCarthy (8th: $10,000)

Timothy McCarthy raised to 125,000 in middle position, Mike Puccio three-bet to 250,000 on the button, and Brandon Cutsinger four-bet shoved for 900,000 in the big blind. McCarthy re-shoved with Cutsinger covered by just 15,000 chips. Puccio called to put both opponents at risk.

Mike Puccio: Ad Ac
Timothy McCarthy: As Kh
Brandon Cutsinger: Jh Jd

The board ran out 9c 6c 6d Tc 5h. No sweat for Puccio and he knocks out two in one hand. Because McCarthy had 15,000 more chips than Cutsinger, he got the pay bump to 8th place. Cutsinger is out in 9th, taking home $7,900 and McCarthy gets 8th place for $10,000: A nice $2,100 bonus for the extra 15,000 chips (three antes). Mike Puccio is up to 4,120,000 after the hand.


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