Mike Puccio Out in 6th Place ($15,800) at the Hands of Jake Hommen

Mike Puccio raised to 130,000 in the small blind and Jake Hommen called in the big blind.

The flop was Qh Jh 8h and Puccio led 200,000. Hommen raised to 500,000 and Puccio called.

On the 2s turn, Puccio checked, Hommen bet 600,000, and Puccio shoved all in for 2,690,000. Hommen called to put Puccio at risk.

Puccio had Qc 9d for a pair of queens and a straight draw, but he is drawing dead against Hommen’s flopped flush with 7h 3h.

Puccio is out in 6th place, taking home $15,800, and Hommen is up to 7,400,000


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