Roller-Coaster of a Ride for Daniel Sepiol

Daniel Sepiol had the big stack of 1,680,000 at the last break. He got down to 1,030,000 in the following level, and then…

Hand #1:
Ken Komberec raised to 50,000 in the cutoff and Sepiol went all in on the button. The blinds folded and Komberec called for his remaining 519,000 total chips. Komberec held pocket kings and Sepiol had A-5 offsuit.

The board ran out 6c 2c 2h 5s 3s. Sepiol made a pair of fives on the turn, but couldn’t catch Komberec’s kings. Komberec doubled up to just over 1,000,000 and Sepiol was down to 515,000.

Hand #2:
The very next hand, George Pappas raised to 50,000 in early position and Sepiol went all in for 511,000 on the button. Pappas called to put Sepiol at risk. Sepiol had pocket eights versus the pocket aces of Pappas.

The board came Qc 9h 7c 9s 8h. Sepiol was down to his last card (and according to David Plotkin, the case eight), when he found the saving eight on the river. He doubled up to 1,060,000 and left Pappas short. Pappas was eliminated by Jake Hommen shortly after in 21st place for $2,970.

Hand #3:
Shortly after the final 18 player redraw, Sepiol was back at it. He opened in middle position and Jason Martens went all in for 375,000 in the cutoff. The remaining players folded and Sepiol called to put Martens at risk.

Martens: Ah Kc
Sepiol: As Qd

Sepiol called for a queen and as requested, the flop came Qh Th 3d. Martens couldn’t find help on the 3h turn or the 8d river, and he was out in 18th place, taking home $3,710. With that pot, Sepiol is now up to 1,850,000, more than where he started two levels before.


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