Blake Battaglia Eliminated in 3rd Place ($5,923), Mike Patterson and Parm Soni Heads Up

Blake Battaglia’s quest for his third CPC title was cut short when Mike Patterson shoved from the small blind with A-5 offsuit and Battaglia called in the big blind for his remaining 1,000,000 chips with Ah 7h.

Battaglia had Patterson dominated, but then poker happened, as they say. According to the players at the table, the board ran out 9 4 2 8 3. Patterson flopped a gut-shot straight draw and rivered the 3 to complete the Wheel, a straight to the five. Battaglia, who won two events in the CPC last year, hits the rail in third place for $5,923.

Mike Patterson and Parm Soni are now heads up, playing for $14,015 and a trophy. Both players will receive an entry into the CPC Main Event next weekend.

Patterson holds the chip lead at the start of heads up play
Mike Patterson – 2,500,000
Parm Soni – 1,690,000


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