Shane Martin Doubles Up, Scotty Mio Still Leads Final Three

Shane Martin PLO

The $400 PLO event has been three-handed for some time. Scotty Mio is still the chip leader, but Shane Martin (pictured) is making a stand.

Blinds 10,000/20,000
Martin and Mio both put in 80,000 preflop and the flop came Qh 9h 6c. Martin bet 115,000 in the small blind and Mio called in the big blind.

Martin went all in dark for 89,000 and the turn was the Ad. Mio shakes his head when he sees the turn, but commits the chips to put Martin at risk.

Martin: Qc Jc Th 9s
Mio: 7s 6h 5c 3s

Martin was ahead with two pair, queens and nines. The 7c river gave Mio a worse two pair, and Martin doubled through.

After that hand, counts are:
Mio – 1,100,000
Martin – 590,000
Brian McDaniel – 170,000


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