Jake Hommen Ships Event #1 for $87,281, Daniel Sepiol Takes Second for $52,655


Jake Hommen (pictured) is not a tournament regular, but he has a pretty good record. He told his final table-mates that he didn’t want to chop because he had two results on Hendon Mob and they were both first place finishes. He wanted to keep his record perfect and win this one too. Considering his other two first-place finishes were for a total of $7,309, his win today is quite a bit more valuable. Still, he got his wish in maintaining the purity of his Hendon Mob record.

Hommen is primarily a low-stakes cash game grinder, which is how he makes a living. He has had some success playing online tournaments but has not played in many live ones. “I just play tournaments for fun really.” According to Hommen, he doesn’t really like to play these big tournaments because he prefers to play cash. For this event, Hommen says, his friend “literally had to twist my arm to play this event.”

How did he feel coming into Day 2? “Well when I came in as eighth overall, I was feeling pretty good. I was kind of feeling like no one could stop me. And now I know why!”

Hommen stayed near the top of the counts for most of Day 2 and started the final table in the middle of the pack. Not long after the start of the final table, Hommen ran quite good and really did seem unstoppable. He flopped trips with 6d 4d against Greg Koutelidakis to double up. Then he flopped a set and turned quads for a decent pot against Mike Puccio.

Hommen really ran away with the chip lead when he flopped a flush on a queen-high board with 7h 3h in the big blind against Puccio in the small blind with Qc 9d. He eliminated Puccio in that hand and added over 3 million chips to his stack. From there, he held a sizable chip lead, only briefly losing it to Daniel Sepiol after Sepiol eliminated Koutelidakis in 3rd place.

Shortly after losing Greg Koutelidakis in third place, Jake Hommen and Daniel Sepiol got all the chips in, and Hommen had Sepiol covered by about 1,500,000 chips. Hommen was on the button with pocket kings and Sepiol was in the big blind with Ac Qc.

The flop came Ks Kd 4d. Hommen flopped quads, the second time making quads at this final table, and effectively ended Sepiol’s tournament life. The 2h turn and the 6s river were insignificant, and Hommen’s victory was sealed. For his win, Hommen got $87,281, a CPC Main Event seat, the trophy that he had his eye on, and the first place result on Hendon Mob. What more could a guy want?

Daniel Sepiol took second place for $52,655 and also got a seat into the CPC Main Event. Congratulations to both!

Complete Final Table payouts:
1st – Jake Hommen – $87,281 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
2nd – Daniel Sepiol – $52,655 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
3rd – Greg Koutelidakis – $34,591 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
4th – Jose Torres – $25,987 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
5th -Ken Komberec – $20,000 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
6th – Mike Puccio – $15,800 (plus a CPC Main Event seat)
7th – David Plotkin – $12,500
8th – Timothy McCarthy – $10,000
9th – Brandon Cutsinger – $7,900
10th – Andriy Pavlyuk – $6,140

Complete Event #1 Results


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