Mike Patterson Wins Event #2: $250 Bounty for $14,015


Chicago-native Cyber Security Executive Mike Patterson outlasted a field of 419 entries to win his first tournament poker title in Event #1: One-day $250 NLH Bounty. It was a very eventful day for Patterson. He had to come back for the noon restart in Event #1, but first he participated in the Polar Plunge in Chicago. He played in Day 2 of Event #1 briefly, busting out in 134th place for $925. He then hopped into the $250 Bounty and played it out to an early morning victory. But how did he do it?

According to Patterson, “We had a really active table early, so there was a lot of chipping up at our table.” Things slowed down for him after that, and eventually right around the money bubble (around 45 players left), Patterson was down to just 2.5 big blinds. He doubled up a couple times, kept chipping up, and never looked back.

“I think the biggest hand was when a guy slow-played his kings when I had top pair, and then rivered two pair against him. Then I had queens against A-4, A-3, and pocket eights, and that held up.”

Patterson went into the final table as the chip leader and maintained that position throughout. Patterson says he “ran really well at the final table” and “got some good hands in some key moments.” When down to three-handed, chip stacks were pretty close, but Patterson still led. He and Blake Battaglia tangled in many hands, and Patterson ultimately knocked out Battaglia in third place when he shoved with A-5 on the button and was called by Battaglia in the big blind with Ah 7h. Patterson flopped a gut-shot to the Wheel draw and hit it on the river to eliminate Battaglia.

The heads-up match with Parm Soni lasted about one level. Patterson went into the match with a decent chip lead and chipped away at Soni. He got Soni down to about 800,000 chips, and in the last hand, Patterson shoved on the button with Qc Td. Soni called with Ah 9s in the big blind. The board came Ac Kc 5d Jd Qd. Soni found an ace on the flop, but Patterson turned the straight to knock him out.

“I just can’t beat you,” Soni commented after the hand, echoing a sentiment likely felt by many about Patterson during this tournament.

Soni gets a payday of $8,630 for his second place finish, plus an entry into the CPC Main Event.

Patterson, who mostly plays 2/5 NLH cash when he gets the chance, looks forward to the good tournament schedules offered during the CPC and the WSOP Circuit. This year’s CPC is going well for him so far. Along with his first major victory and 12 bounties totaling $600, Patterson wins $14,015, a seat in the CPC Main Event, and a really cool trophy, which he thinks he will put on the dresser at home to show his wife where he was all day.

“Maybe she’ll let me go play more. That would be good.”

Two for two in cashes so far this series, playing more may be a good call for Patterson.

Complete Event #2 Results



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