Ryan Marin Pulling Away in Event #4: $360 Deepstack with 32 Left

Shortly after taking the chip lead from Nick Jivkov, Ryan Marin was facing an early position all-in shove from Daniel Loizzo for 135,000. Marin was in the small blind and asked for a count. “Twenty big blinds?” He double-checked his hole cards and put forward calling chips.

Loizzo: Ad 7d
Marin: Th Tc

Loizzo got a favorable flop of 9h 9d 8d, but could not find help on the 2h turn or the Qs river, and he was eliminated. Marin added the chips to his already-massive stack and is now up to 705,000.

The next biggest stack belongs to WSOP bracelet winner Nick Jivkov, who has 540,000 chips. Joe Calle, who is seated two to the left of Marin, is currently in third with 420,000.

There are just 24 minutes of play left for the night, and they are five away from the money with 32 players.


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