Scotty Mio Eliminates Two, Extends Chip Lead in $400 PLO

After losing Daniel Youn in 10th place ($979), George Tomasevich in 9th place ($1,109), and Carl Horvath in 8th place ($1,330), they were down to seven.

In a multi-way limped pot, the flop came Jh 6s 3s. Brian McDaniel bet 23,000 in the small blind, Scotty Mio called in middle position, Gerald Fox called in the next position, Jerry “Dan” Miller folded in the cutoff, and Nancy Dang went all in for a little more. McDaniel, Mio, and Fox all called.

The turn was the 9c and McDaniel checked. Mio bet 60,000, Fox went all in for about 75,000, and McDaniel folded. Mio called and they showed down. McDaniel flashed two threes for bottom set, which he had folded.

Mio: Js Jc Th 2s
Fox: As Tc 8h 7s
Dang: 6d 6x 4d X

Mio had top set, Dang was sitting with a set of sixes, and Fox had flush and straight outs.

The Kh river was a blank, and Mio took down the whole pot, eliminating Nancy Dang in 7th place ($1,636) and Gerald Fox in 6th place ($2,050). Mio is up to 1,257,000 after that pot.


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