Trevor Redlarczyk Takes 4th Place in $400 PLO ($3,485), Remaining Three on Break

Trevor Redlarczyk and Shane Martin got all the chips in preflop and Redlarczyk had the bigger stack by about 30,000 chips.

According to Redlarczyk, he held Ac Ax Jc 8x and Martin had aces and sixes with spades and hearts. Both players had pocket aces and at least one suit.

The flop was K T 4 rainbow. The 2c on the turn gave Redlarczyk a flush draw to go with his aces, but the 6x river gave Martin a set of sixes to win the pot and double up. Redlarczyk was left short-stacked after the hand and was out shortly after. He wins $3,485 for his fourth place finish.

The remaining three are on break:
1st – Scotty Mio (1,180,000)
2nd – Shane Martin (367,000)
3rd – Brian McDaniel (300,000)


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