Andy Rubinberg Eliminates Josh Chase in 5th Place ($1,508) in 2-7 Triple Draw

After the elimination of Matt Mueller in 7th, Gerald Fox finished in 6th place for $1,156.

Down to five players, the game was 2-7 Triple Draw. Josh Chase opened for two bets under the gun and the remaining four players all called, making it a family pot.

After the first draw, Steven Zucker checked in the small blind, Brandon Nicholson bet in the big blind, Chase made it two bets, Andy Rubinberg called in the next position, Brandon Townsend folded on the button, Zucker folded, and Nicholson called.

On the next street, it checked to Rubinberg, who bet, and both opponents called.

After the final draw, Townsend checked, Chase was all in for 3,000, and Rubinberg and Nicholson called.

Rubinberg showed the nuts, 7-5-4-3-2, while Chase had 7-6-5-3-2. Chase is out in 5th place, taking home $1,508. Rubinberg is up to 290,000 after that hand.


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