Brandon Nicholson Wins Event #5 $400 H.2.O. for $7,346

Brandon Nicholson Ev5 H2O Winner

Event #5 H.2.O was a $400 buyin mixed event consisting of Limit Hold’Em, 2-7 Triple Draw, and Omaha 8 or better on a six-handed rotation. The event drew 59 entries with six players being paid a minimum of $1,156 and two CPC Main Event seats for first and second.

This was Brandon Nicholson’s (pictured) first real live mixed event, and he might be hooked. “It’s cool to play games other than No Limit Hold’em,” Nicholson says. “That’s why I wanted to play this and give it a shot. I’ve never really played much Triple Draw. I’ve played a little Omaha before, but it was a new and exciting experience for me.” He decided to give it a try and learn as he went, and it worked out for him.

Nicholson says he was never really in any danger at any point in the tournament. When the blinds got big, his stack went up and down a bit, but he was always able to catch a good run of cards to get him back. He came into Day 2 as the chip leader with 13 players left, and held on to that chip lead for the majority of the day, until he got heads up with Andy Rubinberg.

These two started off heads-up play nearly even in chips. Nicholson says it was up and down and they were back to even three separate times. “Then finally, I went on that last heater and never looked back after that.” He started winning every Triple Draw hand and won about eight hands in a row in the very end to win the tournament. “I just kind of got lucky in the end.”

Nicholson is from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and plays poker as a hobby. He doesn’t play very much, but says he might be playing more in the future. And with the week off of work, he will probably be back for more CPC events leading up to the Main. With his win today, he has his Main Event seat locked up, and also gets $7,346 and a trophy. So how does it feel?

“It feels great. I’ve never had a trophy before. It was a fun tournament.”

Complete Final Table Payouts:
1st – Brandon Nicholson ($7,346 and a CPC Main Event seat)
2nd – Andy Rubinberg ($4,544 and a CPC Main Event seat)
3rd – Brandon Townsend ($2,977)
4th – Steven Zucker ($2,057)
5th – Josh Chase ($1,508)
6th – Gerald Fox ($1,156)


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