Joe Calle Out in 11th ($1,544) Kings versus Aces

After losing Keith Correll in 15th place ($1,270), Zachariah Polasky in 14th ($1,270), Justin Hankinson in 13th ($1,270), and Dylan Weber in 12th place ($1,544), players in Event #4 were on the final table bubble.

The very last hand before the break, Joe Calle raised to 40,000 under the gun and Rudi Patitucci three-bet to 100,000 in the big blind. Calle went all in for just under 200,000 and Patitucci called to put Calle at risk.

Calle had pocket kings against the dreaded pocket aces of Patitucci. The board ran out Ts 4d 2s 5h 7h, no king for Calle. He finish in 11th place, taking home $1,544. The final 10 will redraw for new seats when they return from break. The redraw and chip counts will be posted soon.


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