Keith Thurman Eliminates Thomas Ruzecki (4th Place – $6,633) in Two Hands

In the first hand, Keith Thurman shoved for 740,000 in the small blind and Thomas Ruzecki called in the big blind to put Thurman at risk.

Thurman had Kd Qs and Ruzecki had Ah 7h. The board ran out Jd Js 3s 2c Qh, giving Thurman a queen on the river to save him. He doubled up to 1,500,000, leaving Ruzecki with 435,000.

In the next hand, Thurman raised to 120,000 on the button and Ruzecki moved all in for 430,000. Nick Jivkov folded and they were heads up. Thurman had Ruzecki in bad shape with Ac Jc over Kc Jd. The board came Ad 7d 3c 6c 5d, and Ruzecki was eliminated.

Ruzecki takes home $6,633 for his 4th place finish. Thurman is up to 2,000,000 after those two hands.


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