Victor Gitterle Takes Down Event #4 $360 Deepstack NLH for $21,830

Ev4 360DS Winner Victor Gitterle

The fourth event of the CPC, the $360 Deepstack NLH, drew 296 entries for a total prizepool of $88,208 plus two CPC Main Event seats. All 27 players who returned for Day 2 were in the money, with the minimum payout being $979. Victor Gitterle (pictured) had his eye on a bigger prize though. After finishing 6th in Event #2: $250 Bounty, Gitterle made his second final table in three days and emerged victorious in this one, earning him $21,830, a CPC Main Event seat, and a coveted CPC trophy.

Victor Gitterle is from the Chicago area and has been playing poker for about ten years. He is not the most conventional poker player around. Gitterle plays extremely fast and when asked if there is a reason for the quick acting Gitterle responds, “No reason, I’m just a fast player. He [friend Thomas Ruzecki] knows I like to get it in the pot! You gotta put it in there to gamble!” It was clear throughout the final table that Gitterle’s gambly style of play keeps his opponents guessing, and in the end, it worked out for him today.

Gitterle came into Day 2 eighth in chips out of the 27 returning players and chipped up early. He says he took someone out with kings and also made quad jacks before getting down to the final table. He came into the final table as the chip leader, but was almost even in chips with Nick Jivkov. He soon lost that chip lead to Jivkov, but stayed near the top until they got down to four-handed.

Gitterle was the short stack when they were down to three, but then he went on a nice run to chip up. First, he doubled through big stack Nick Jivkov with A-K in the small blind against Jivkov’s A-J on the button. A while later, Jivkov got down to around 1,200,000 and went all in with Kc 9c on the button. Gitterle woke up with pocket aces in the small blind and called. His aces held up and he knocked out the WSOP bracelet winner Jivkov in third place.

Gitterle and Keith Thurman battled heads up for about one level. Gitterle had almost a 4:1 chip lead heading into the last break after flopping trips with Q-6o and winning a huge pot against Thurman. After the break, Gitterle says that Thurman was getting very lucky. Thurman doubled up a couple times, once when he shoved with 9-5 into Gitterle’s K-8 and made trip fives.

Gitterle got down to 1,300,000 chips and got it all in with Ad 8c. Thurman called with Kh Jd and the board ran out Qs 8h 3s 4d 9h, giving Gitterle a pair of eights to double up. He was still behind in chips, but not by much. Then, on a flop of Kd Td 3d, Gitterle went all in for 2,720,000 in the big blind with 9d 8h and Thurman called with Kh 4d on the button.

Gitterle’s gut-shot straight draw and nine-high flush draw was behind Thurman’s pair of kings, but the 7h turn gave Gitterle more straight-outs. Gitterle yelled for a straight or a flush, and when the 6d came on the river, he screamed “Straight flush!” What he meant, of course, was he made a flush (and a straight), but we understand he was excited. Thurman was left very short after that hand, and was out two hands later when Gitterle’s Kd 3c held against Thurman’s Qs 6h all in preflop.

Gitterle doesn’t get to play as much as he would like because his three boys, ages 7, 5, and 9 months, who “are wondering where I’ve been all day.” Now he can go home and show them the trophy that their dad won (and maybe buy them a toy or two).

Complete Final Table Payouts:
1st – Victor Gitterle ($21,830 plus a CPC Main Event seat)
2nd – Keith Thurman ($13,408 plus a CPC Main Event seat)
3rd – Nick Jivkov ($9,094)
4th – Thomas Ruzecki ($6,633)
5th – Chris McQuiston ($5,143)
6th – Zack Tejchma ($3,996)
7th – Ryan Marin ($3,158)
8th – Yiming Peng ($2,470)
9th – David Gutfreund ($1,941)
10th – Rudi Patitucci ($1,544)

Event #4 Results



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