Yiming Peng Quadruples Up in Event #4

The action started when Yiming Peng shoved all in for 82,000 in early position with K-Jo. William “Paul” Conway called in the cutoff with Ah Th, and Anthony Calabrese re-shoved for 93,000 on the button with A-Ko. David Gutfreund called in the small blind with pocket queens, and the big blind folded.

Peng and Calabrese were both all in and at risk, with side pot action available for Conway and Gutfreund. They checked all the way down.

The board came Kc Js 2c 5d 9c, giving Peng top two pair for the main pot, and Calabrese took a 30,000-chip side pot with his pair of kings with an ace kicker.

Counts after that hand:
Yiming Peng – 340,000
Anthony Calabrese – 30,000
David Gutfreund – 275,000
William Conway – 144,000


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