Bob Peppe Shoves on Ryan Hickey

Bob Peppe raised to 57,000 in the cutoff and Ryan Hickey called in the big blind. The flop came Qd 8s 8h and Hickey checked. Peppe bet 90,000 and Hickey called.

On the 4d turn, Hickey led out for 150,000. After a long hesitation, Peppe went all in for 330,000. Hickey thought for a couple minutes and folded. Peppe showed pocket sevens before collecting the chips and Hickey told Peppe “Nice bluff.”

Current chip counts:
1st – Ryan Hickey (1,100,000)
2nd – Carter Myers (865,000)
3rd – Bob Peppe (795,000)
4th – Edward Dixon (655,000)
5th – Lei Zhou (360,000)


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